Recent Review in The New York Times of my Solo Recital at The Drive East Festival, New York in August 2017. Traditional Indian Dance, With Room for New Blood


Welcome to my web page!


Before I fashioned this web-space for myself, I spent many hours contemplating what this space really means to me, and what I would like it to be representative of. A website serves as one’s identity in the virtual world.

My identity could begin with what I do or am known by, but it couldn’t end there. It was my desire therefore that this space should not simply portray what I do - it should most certainly rise above being a compendium of my achievements - and should ideally be an effort to share with the world my impressions, my passion and the reasons I do what I do. It will be my sincere attempt to keep this as the basic spirit of this space.

I hope those of you who have taken your precious time to visit this website will go away with some sense of the person I am. I hope to find a reflection of intent too and hope to discover shared notions and passion in many of you.

It would give me great pleasure if you could drop me a line at


This website has been possible thanks to the patient efforts and generous time of my dear friend Niranjani Prasad, and her great affection for me. Thanks Niran! I am grateful for the wonderful photographs shared generously with me by my friends – incredible photographers - R Prasana Venkatesh and Ganesh Ramalingam.